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The Stoke-on-Trent shop is CLOSED for a few days (back on Wednesday!) so you can get FREE UK SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS placed before Tuesday afternoon to make up for the delay!







The Search Facility

We have many games in many categories in the Store and the best way to find them is to use the Search Facility - It searches all the product information and descriptions, as well as just the names, for whatever you are looking for. It's great!

If your search comes up with two many results, use the "advanced search" to narrow down the text.



Our "Free UK Shipping" offer is still on - for all orders over 50.

Customers choosing the "Free UK Shipping" option will have their orders shipped to any UK address completely free of any additional costs! This is now done - in almost all UK Mainland cases - by courier. 



Postage & Packing Information

To try and be as fair and accurate as possible, we use a Royal Mail plug-in to calculate the Postage & Packing of every order based on the weight of the games ordered, and the delivery option selected.

As from April 2006, all orders over 50 from customers with a UK post code will be sent free of charge, unless other faster options are chosen.



Delivery Times

Delivery times will be dependent on the shipping method selected.

We aim to have all orders going by post leaving Shire Games by the next working day at the latest.



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