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Crash Tackle

Crash Tackle

Crash Tackle

Designer: Marco Fuini, Bevan von Weichardt

Publisher: Crash Tackle

Players: 2

Ages: 12+

Time: 80 minutes

The trick to a successful sports-based board game is to capture the feeling of the game, and Crash Tackle does for Rugby Union what Football Tactics, Formula Dé, TurfMaster, GolfProfi and the World Cup Game have all managed to do for their respective sports.

This one is an absolute must for Rugby Union fans - and in fact all sports game fans, really.

The first couple of games will be learning games, but once you've both got all the rules in your heads, this will become a great 80-minute battle of wits and strength.

The basic rules are included in the game, but the game has its own constantly-updated website (www.crashtackle.co.za) which has loads of additional, optional and advanced rules.

The two teams that come with the game are random, but our copies of the game all come with a Free Expansion! A deck of 25 "Pressure Play" cards will be included with the game.



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