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Agricola Family Edition

Agricola Family Edition

Agricola Family Edition

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Publisher: Mayfair Games

Players: 1 to 4

Ages: 8+

Time: 45 minutes

This is a great stripped-down version of the excellent "gamers" game Agricola.

Whereas in the original game, the family game was actually simpler from a rules point of view but tougher to play, this is a pretty neat compromise between keeping all of the fun elements of the game while at the same time making a game that all of the family can play.

You start with a small farmhouse and a husband and wife team of farmers. That means you'll get to do two things each round.

Of course, you could have kids, and then you'll be able to send them out to work too. But you'll also need i) a bigger house, and ii) more food to feed your family.

The game lasts fourteen rounds, and an extra action will appear each round, giving you more options.

Plough fields, build meadows, expand your house, keep animals, grow wheat, and do what you can to get more stuff and earn more points!

For those that know the original: Gone are stone and veg, and there are no player boards so you can expand without boundaries. Also, the improvements have been replaced with buildings that score end-game points.

A fun family game, and a great way to introduce everyone to the "big" game.



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